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> Hye guys,morning eyh pagi ni saya update luar biasa sikit sebab guest what?I am doing “Live Blogging” for Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.Satu penghormatan untuk saya selaku blogger baru (uiks baru ke?hak3).Korang mesti pernah dengar pasal event ni kan saya … Continue reading

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> Adakah dengan tajuk entri ni saya perasan ataupun terperasan yang saya layak jadi “Project Aplha” TV Star?Layakkah saya?Itu persoalannya sekarang.Tapi tak salahkan kalau kita berangan atau berimaginasi untuk jadi TV Star.Dulu Rosyam Nor pun bukan lahir2 terus jadi pelakon.Nasib … Continue reading

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>-= Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 =-

> Wooohooo!!!I heard that Nuffnang was giving away Celcom BlackBerry Storm 9250..I am interested to hear that.So have to ask myself WHY i want this Celcom BlackBerry Storm 9250…After thinking and do research deeply inside my heart for almost two … Continue reading

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>-= MiNi GaTh InFo =-

> To all blogger that confirm want to go to the gathering please forgive me because i have to change the time earlier from the time stated at the flyer.It is upon request from Melromeo so that we can have … Continue reading

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>-= JokEs Of ThE DaY =-

> Hye everybody,morning to all of you(wah seem like a story telling right!!!).Today i just want to write something that different from my niche.What is niche???(not the clothing brand ok.That one is Nicchi…am i right???).Just want to think out of … Continue reading

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>-= SaMSUnG CoRby CraNiVaL =-

> Actually i am tired and just got back from “Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival”…Wah so tired until i think that i just wanna got to sleep.But before i forget to update about this and i will never had chance … Continue reading

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>-= Wow!!!ThErE’s AnoTheR TwO =-

> Hm…I never think that being a blogger will make my life happening like i feel now…Why???!!!I like writing articles.But the best thing is the invitation???As a Nuffnang member as usual they invite me to their events again.Yeay!!!Today is Tuesday … Continue reading

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>-= DiGi PiMp IneTerNeT PimP My DaY CHaLLenge =-

> (My Team Banner – Vatos Locos Rawk!!!) (Our war cry) Now it’s time for me to share what happened in the “Digi Event” yesterday.I know there were many of my fans(wah do i have fans???i think got two fans … Continue reading

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>-= Let’s Form A Team =-

> Wow!!!Have you seen something will happened in January for Nuffnang Blogger???I check my account just now and there is something specials about January.You know Digi will be organizing one big events called “Digi Internet Pimp My Day” especially for … Continue reading

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>-= SehAti BErDanSa =-

> I know there are many of us that like to watch “Sehati Berdansa”.WoW!!!did i said “Sehati Berdansa”.Am i evolving to something.huhu…This all because of my mom.So she should be blame for this immoral activity. As we know that the … Continue reading

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