Hye happy Sunday guy!How was your weekend.I am still in Kajang because last night was my mom’s open house.So as a responsible and caring son have to help lo!haha…Ok before this i shared about what Iphone 4 can do and why i really want that iPhone.In this entry i would like to share why we must use Digi iPhone 4 Plan.

1) Affordable

Digi iPhone 4 plan is affordable to use no matter how much your salary.Hak3..Even a student can sacrifice their pocket money just to own this data plan.Really cheap compared to other (don’t wanna mention which brand lol).Just RM 58 you can get everything.Isn’t it fantastic!

2) Faster Connection

When online what is the most factor that people really wants?For me of course i want a stable speed.I don’t want to surf the net with a snail speed of broadband.As a blogger i have to make sure that i can update my blog and the speed is stable or else maybe i will be sleepy or angry!hak3…

With Digi Plan i will not worry because its speed can make me smile even i am in a cold war with my wife.hak3…I know because i am Digi Internet Turbo 3G user ma!…


As a conclusion we can make an algorithm for this package :

X = Y = Ideal

Affordable + Faster Connection = Smart + Style + Techno = Ideal

iDigi Plan = iPhone 4 = Ideal 

Wow!How about the formula that i have created.Become Einstein already!

p/s :

* Feel the speed choose iDigi Plan!


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2 Responses to >DIGI IPHONE 4 REAL

  1. Anonymous says:

    >hello!This was a really impressive theme!I come from usa, I was fortunate to approach your website in baidu Also I obtain a lot in your theme really thanks very much i will come daily

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >Annon – why not…Thanks for the complement anyway

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