Blogging is one of the most famous activities in the internet.Some people blog as a diary while the others blog for business.Actually this post is related to the newbie that haven’t got blog yet.So let me share to all of you how to start blogging.
As we know there are many blog’s platform that we can use as a medium to write such as Blogspot (i use this platform to publish my entry),Typad,Wordpress and also Joomla.You can choose which platform that you feel confortable.And for your information all the platform have its own speciality.
For me before we can start blogging we must know some of the elements that i think important to make sure our blog got visitors.These are the elements that we should know :

As i mentioned before, there are many platform that blogger can choose to write their blog.All the platforms have it’s identity and also specialty.For example,I use blogspot because for me it is user friendly.We can choose many template online to put as out blog template.We can also add some widgets for our blog easily.So choose the platform that can suit your imagination.
Before we write or developing a blog we should determine first what kind of blog that we will write.It is important because we will know what to write in the future.What is the different between personal blog and public blog.Personal blog act like a diary and blogger will write their activities in the blog while public blog is a type of blog where blogger write about any info that related to other people.So choosing your blog type is important so that people know how serious your blog is.

Niche act as an element that drive your blog traffic.It is related to keyword and very important to a business blog.With a strong niche blogger can make money and at the same time gain many traffic.

Template is important because it is a medium to attract people or reader to come back to your blog.It is like decorating a house.For example if you decorate your house with a dull design people will not come to your house again.For me simple template should be fine.

It is depend on your niche.For example if your niche is more to celebrity then maybe your style of writing should be a bit catchy.
So that all that i can share about How To Start Blogging.Hopefully this info can be use and can give benefits to the readers.Click the link to know more about HOW TO START BLOGGING.

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Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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  1. Aus says:

    >template..penting gak la..aku rase template first2 aku tgk..kalau serabut…paham2 jela..haha..

  2. arm says:

    >weh bean.. tukar balik layout la.. ko nyer top menu aku dah tersalah tengok igtkan website blue dah tadi.. suggestion ikhlas lagi straightforward dari rakan2

  3. Eyriqazz says:

    >wah,bean dah makin hebat selepas sesi motivasi bersama Melz….Cayerla bean…nanti ada masa aku terjah ko…tak sempat nak buat…mak mertua ada dirumah..hik3

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >aus – hehe…betul2 tgh mencari yang sesai niarm – hehe…tulah aku tgh cari la nieyriqazz – hakhak layak ke saya untuk diterjah

  5. Lifesaver says:

    >kalo saya nak baca blog seseorang..i choose style tulisannya dulu

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