>-= GLaSs TypE HeArt =-


Actually i translate this phrase from a Malay phrase “Hati Kaca” and maybe it sound a bit like Nirvana song “Heart Shape Box”(sorry Cobain i didn’t mean to steal your idea).I wrote this entry just because to show that even i look like agro but my heart still got a feeling call LOVE and actually i am not telling that i am JIWANG ok(owh plllleeeeaaasseeee…).I am not a guy that listen to AXL song OK!!!
Ok for me it is not a problem for someone to be a lover.To love and be love is actually a need as a human.I think it is also not a problem if we cry because of love.Frankly speak i also cry (minus when the time i was born..).I will cry because of 3 situation:
1) If something happen to my Family
2) Broke Up with my GirlFriend(now not anymore…ahaha)
3) Children(i love children and kids..ahaha)
Talking about children…Have you heard about what happen to Baby Ammar.Wah so sad…I can’t imagine if i was his father.Baby Ammar is suffering Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth.He needs around RM12000 for the cost of he’s operation.Can you imagine it’s a big amount of money(off course la for his parent not him).So how about we help him by sacrificing our earning.We can find money but we can’t buy soul.

Nuffnang is now doing some charity by giving donation to this Baby Ammar(isn’t he cute…).HOW to donate???It is easy…so as a nuffnangers we have the ads account right.So how about change the advertiser ads to charity ads.HOW???Follow this steps :

1) Go To Blog Manager :

2) Go to Ads Preference
3) Change Global CPC to Show Charity Ads
And finaly your ads will become like this :

It’s easy right.Just stop thinking about our profits and benefits for awhile.Maybe it is just a small help but at least we help.Today i am organizing a blogger mini gath.Eyriqazz suggested that we should collect some ‘s money and bank it to Ammar mother’s account.I think it is a good idea.We help people that maybe when we need help people will help us.
If maybe some of the silent readers wants to help just bank in your donation to :
Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank)
To read more about Baby Ammar just go to this blog

p/s :
– I can’t see a little kid like this suffering to survive.Hopefully i can help him a bit.
– I am proud to be a nuffnangers.
– I am a guy who full of sins so better do something that can wash out my dirt…

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14 Responses to >-= GLaSs TypE HeArt =-

  1. hydir says:

    >Thanks for th support bro .. Blogger We Care

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >yups…off course…thanx for visiting

  3. >oit bean.. minta number kontek.. senang nk carik korang bila ku smpi nnt ptg karang

  4. Aus says:

    >ahaha…cayalah bean..aku baru bgn..haha..jap g gerak la..

  5. Eyriqazz says:

    >alamak bean..tak sempat nak sumbangkan dan kasi kat Bean …balik awal tadi…takpelah,gaji masuk minggu depan aku bank in kan direct kat mama Ammar..Terimakasih kerana menjemputku…Event tadi menarik,aku tak sempat nak join sampai abis atas sbb yg tak dpt dielakkan…Sorry..P/s :Sebelum terlupa.Hang dan Aus akan diacah-acah dalam pukul 1201 nanti…tunggu…

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >eyriqazz – alamak bang acah2 apa plak ni…alamak…takutmya…haha xpe bang…tulah tgk abg tetiba plak ilang tadi

  7. sumijelly says:

    >kak sumi lupa lak nak tukar adss..patula x kuar2 gmbr ammar tu…heheheamcm gathering?? best x??x dpt dtg la bean..mesti sonokkan..jeles la…bc kat JArd nya blog…dia katadlm 20 org?? perghh..ramai seh…

  8. Lifesaver says:

    >blogger help bloggers

  9. Matjoe says:

    >awesome entry. cayalah buat totorial utk letak iklan tu. bean, apakata ko check latest entry aku :PP

  10. >mmg bagus betul tutor ko ni..mmg aku tiru..boleh??hehehhe…

  11. BeaN MorENo says:

    >mat joe – wakaka…apa kate ko taip bean moreno baru gangster…ade beran…

  12. BeaN MorENo says:

    >alang – boleh xdehal memang bende tu untuk ditiru…sebab aku pun meniru…hakhak

  13. >agaga.. mana hapdet pasal semalam?

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