>-= I LoVe NuFFnAnG =-


Good Night…Today was my tired day.Actually just got home from Nuffie office.WHY???To collect my reward lol.I went there at 6 pm and arrived at the Heritage House at 7.55(alamak miss my maghrib…owh no riak already…).WHAT reward???Read This & This
(Nuffnang Office 1)
(Nuffnang Office 2)

Sorry because i am very tired so i can’t post many pic in here.But just want to show what i have earn(haha no intention to show off just sharing ok…huhu)…

This is what they give me…
(Nuffnang envelop )

(Nuffnang envelop 2)
Wow!!!Got cash inside i tought that only a check but CASH ma!!!Thanx Nuffie…I got first place in the KDU Open Day Entry.Got another 2 winners.So Guys please take your reward you have work hard for this event.But if don’t want the money just tell me and i will taje it on behalf of your guys!!!ahaha(am i greedy)
So who said that blogging is a waste of time.And who said that my entry is a low class entry.See the leg la!!!To other blogger please don’t give up.Just trust your writing and your blog and you’ll be succes in blogging.
p/s :
– Can’t wait to watch Valentine’s Day Movie because Swift is inside…ahaha…
– So can enjoy in the Mini Gath this weekend..Got money ma!!!
– I LOVE NUFFNANG(with a fanning intonation…)Hopefully after this Nuffnang will give advertorial…wakaka…

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15 Responses to >-= I LoVe NuFFnAnG =-

  1. Sendra says:

    >now i belive u man!barcelona.

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >sendra – wakaka..owh just now ha!!!

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >von – tq very much

  4. daydeck86 says:

    >can belanja we all bowling seyh..

  5. redfingger says:

    >wow!!!sungguh jeles aku tgk..bila la nuffnang nak bagi aku plak nie..choiiii…:-p

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >deydeq – hakhak doa2 la la yek pintu hati aku terbuka…wakakabob – hehe boleh2 chayok2

  7. >blanja wa bowling jugak.. ehehe

  8. Lifesaver says:

    >berapa ribu riban tu?

  9. sumijelly says:

    >wah…nak cikit..nak wat belanja g menginap nanti…hahaha

  10. BeaN MorENo says:

    >jard – wakaka…adakah anda peserta raja lawakpuan capa – adola…biarlah rahsia kalau hebat cube tafsir gambar tukak sumi – hakhak…dah dapat tiket…

  11. sWeEtDaRLinG says:

    >best nyaa….!! memang berbaloi join contest nuffnang ni..huhuh aku duk tunggu invite valentine's ni… tak dapek ko hakak ko ni.. bergema dah jantung nak pi join sama… uwaaaaa

  12. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amy – wakaka…kitorang dah dapat dah…camno nih…

  13. joegrimjow says:

    >wowwwwwlike itafter this wanna join tooo

  14. BeaN MorENo says:

    >joe – join for your own benefit..no money comes without work…

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