Hye…Night…Just got back from my mama house becuase yesterday was my sister’s birthday.So Happy Birthday to My sister Aini Haslina so you’re adult now!!Before January leave us…Let me share what have happened in this month for me and my blog.

First of all i want to share about my monthly traffics for my blog.I have no intention to show off just a review and also sharing.Because what i am just a normal blogger and still learning to be the best(can i???be positive if other blogger can i also can!!!).Let see my monthly traffics first :

(Wah i am grateful with this)

If we look carefully my traffic increase after 3rd of January.WHY???One of the reason was i change my templates.haha(no la just joking).Ok the main reason is i start joining Nuffnang Event.Meet other blogger and exchange links.The first event that i join with Nuffnang was KDU open day.wah!! i met Kenny Sia from kennysia.com for the first time.ahaha..Thanx to Nuffie.
Let me share all the events that i joined under Nuffnang in January :

1- Paranormal Activity Screening – 5th January
2- Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge – 9th January
3- Astro Byond Blogger Night – 13th January
4- Samsung Corby Paint Fight – 16th January
5- Tooth Fairy Screening – 25th January

Let me tell you what i have won in this January :

– Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge -> One 3G Broadband Modem + Digi 3G TURBO prepaid
– Samsung Corby Paint Fight -> 2nd Place RM100/person (RM2500 check)
– Free MOVIES…Yeay!!!

Oklah we change our topic…Lets check on this blog keyword :

(Keyword of the month)

If we see from the figure Adnan Sempit keyword is the most wanted(is it??) the most wanted keyword.And then after that Hani Tarmizi is the next keyword that people search(who is this gurl???but anyway tq..).So it’s ok for us to do reviwes for movies because it is one of the good niche.

The last thing how about we check about my visitors(referrer):

(Top Referrer)

If we look carefully we can see many of this blog visitor came from my blogger profile.Don’t forget about another factor that refer my visitor to my blog.Remember that Social Networking is one element that can help a blogger to get visitor.For me i used Gengblogger,Facebook and twitter.So dont forget to use SN for your blog.It is effective.

But the main important referrer for me is YOU!!!Yes all of you blogger and silent readers.Thanx for coming and read my entries.Hope you can support this blog event i wrote something that useless OK…hahaha….


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Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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14 Responses to >-= SUTERABLOGGERDOTCOM SuMmaRy =-

  1. Eyriqazz says:

    >bagus bean..keep up a good work….happy blogging…

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >Bro eyriqazz – thanx for the support bro…ahaha

  3. ery says:

    >get up… nice move…

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >ery – thanxbibi – ko ni sapot aku la bah…esok aku review blog ko…aku nda kirak

  5. ::aMaD:: says:

    >chaiyok2~!semoga berterusan.ngee

  6. >bnyknya trafik ko.. eheheh.. tahniah

  7. Aus says:

    >uit..cayalah..hahaha..byk tu…alamanda nanri kau belanje..hahak..

  8. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amad – tqjard – ko perli aku ke apa???aus – jgn dipk2kan itu…ahaha

  9. sWeEtdArLinG says:

    >go go go…!! selamat maju jaya.. semoga terus maju

  10. kak ina kl says:

    >chaiyokkkkk mr bean..

  11. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amy – tq2…nak aku banje ke???kak ina…alihkan skit visitor akak tuh kat saya

  12. Lifesaver says:

    >banyak duit dah ni..hehehe

  13. decrewz says:

    >Owh.. Bilalah Jai nak dpt traffik macam ni.. Kata org nak dapat tu boleh, tp nak maintain tu yang ssh..he3

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