>-= BloG’s ReVieW – PaRt 1 – LIFESAVER84 =-


Hye this is my first blog’s review.As i promise that i will review some of the blogs that i follow and maybe interesting to me(If you think that it is not interesting it’s your problem).Before i reveal the detail about this blog i would like to share something about this Blog’s owner.
The owner is female and stayed in Putrajaya with her husband(owh no!!!sorry puan if after this your saham jatuh!!!).Actually she was the first person that i know when i start to write in this blog and we share ideas together(just online ha!!!no dating2…).And she was the first blogger that i meet personally in the real world.And before i forget she was also the first blogger that send me her laptop to be repaired…ahaha…TQ…Her name is Puan Syafa!!!yeay!!!
Blog Interface :
(simple and beautiful interface)
The Owner : Puan Syafa
(The face of mama to be..)

Ok let me tell you what i like about her blog.First of all even the contents were more to her personal life like driving car with her hubby,go to clinic to check pregnancy, and also sometimes about her family but i like her writing style.Simple is “ringkas” pimple is “jerawat”.She always write about what she think she likes and people can’t influense her to change because what if she wants to write about something happened in the toilet also she will write for example like this post:
 The most thing that really remind me of her and this blog is song called nobody – wondergirl.Because when the first time we started to write in our blog in 2008 we try to make it same as myspace and put autoplay song(right now…owh it’s SUCK!!!).She put that song in her blog and now that song was popular.ahaha…One more thing do you see her templates???she never change the template for such a long time.And i like it…So to all of my readers and follower just go and read her post(except for readers outsite Malaysia…But if you wanna read just use the Google translator…ahaha)
p/s :
Puan Syafa sorry i steal your pic…ahaha…
– Can’t wait to see her baby…

Before that was also the first blogger that give me award(ahaha…) in this blogging scene!!!:

Thanx Puan for this wonderful award!!!(wah feel like getting grammy awards…)


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19 Responses to >-= BloG’s ReVieW – PaRt 1 – LIFESAVER84 =-

  1. hanie says:

    >puan capa mmg sengal :P*ampon puan capa!*

  2. >i've yet to meet her.. ehehe

  3. Sendra says:

    >wah..dah dapat award~

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hanie – die memang sengal bapak nye…ahahaJard – tu la akupun jumpa die sekali suda bah…Sendra – itu cite lama bro…ahaha

  5. >woaaa-best ah maen follow2 macam tuu- ;D

  6. Aus says:

    >bean mengorak selangkah ke hadapan lagi..ahaha…cayalah..

  7. BeaN MorENo says:

    >aus – ye ke…sama jela…ahaha

  8. helena's says:

    >saya suke kesengalan puan chapa..hahaha

  9. sumijelly says:

    >wah…sudah pandai nak mereview…bagus..bagus…pas nie leh la ramai pengunjung..hikhikhik..kasi sikit tempias kat kak sumi yek..hahahahttp://sumijelly.com

  10. BeaN MorENo says:

    >cik hel – heheh…nnt kite paksa die main boling time gath ok…hehekak sumi – boleh kak..apa gune kite geng astro…ahah

  11. >c to de pa!CA..PA!hee

  12. BeaN MorENo says:

    >vivi – bibi ko jgn igt ko boleh terlepas ya bah..kenapa bah ko berubah kenapa bah…

  13. BeaN MorENo says:


  14. Lifesaver says:

    >ini byk umpatan2 ni…aip!!!!!!bean, dah lama kita kawan kan????u r a great friend i've met too!

  15. BEAN'S says:

    >puan – tq beli mas…samala kite sedar xsedar kan…ahaha

  16. kak ina kl says:

    >hemmmm akak ni pun member baik kamu kan..kan..kan..faham-faham ajerlah yer..ahaksss

  17. >ti wat review blog gua plak!

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