>-= TooTh FaiRy ReViEw =-


(Tooth Fairy Poster)
Do you believe in Tooth Fairy.It is a legend,myth , fantasy or real???No matter what it is tooth fairy for is a kind of like Hang Tuah(legend,myth or ???) that we don’t know either it exist or not but the important is it can motivate our young one in their life.Believe it or not…Depends on you…
Ok straight to the point.Yesterday i went to TGV OU(nuffnang likes this place…haha) for a Tooth Fairy Screening.This actually my third time watching movie with all the blogger.So it is my responsible to review the movie(wah!!seem like an important person lol..ahaha).So because i came late i got the front seat(what an honour mannn!!!sakit tengkuk la…).

(Tq nuffie…for the tix…send me more OK!!!)

This movie is actually about one ice hockey player call Thompson(The Rock).His task is run over player and the important thing is break their teeth(what da hack!!!).Then they call him Tooth Fairy.

(some of the scene)
But Thompson got some bad attitudes.He will never motivate children to be a better person.And the most imortant thing is he didn’t believe in Tooth Fairy.So one day after he said that tooth fairy doesn’t exist(I also didn’t believe it..OOps no i will be cursed!!!) he was cursed by the tooth fairy organization(haha…what a joke) and he has to be a tooth fairy.He should finish the task that had been given to him and one mistake that he made will cause him 1 week penalty.
(Tooth Fairy God Mother…ahaha)
Thompson try to be the toothfairy according to the rules but he failed.So he decided to do it using his own style…This part was very funny.Toothfairy with ice hockey suit…

(Wow he rawks!!!)
Ok for this this movie is for children but i still have fun watching it because it was very funny.Actually before i went for this movie i was quite stress because of my job yesterday but the movie entertain me very much.So to whom that haven’t watch it yet just buy the tickets and watch it.

p/s :
– After went for the screening 3 times already i realize that there were no cine ads.wow!!!but blog ads ok lol…ahaha..So nuffnang please give me mor ads OK!!!I support you…

– watch this trailer :


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10 Responses to >-= TooTh FaiRy ReViEw =-

  1. Matjoe says:

    >tarak minat the rock.

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >xpe nnt tunggu john cena punye filem plak..ahaha

  3. Lifesaver says:

    >asyik2 encik bean je dpt tiket free..jeles!

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >puan – abis puan xnak buat entry mcm mana nak dapat

  5. sWeEtDaRLinG says:

    >huks teringin nak join tp takde idea nak buat entry time tu.. tetiba plak rasa nyesal…

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amy – huhu…xpela try valentine plak yek…cikhel – alo alo alo

  7. Sendra says:

    >bean ni suka tiket2 free camni..hhaihh..jeles pulk kat kau..klu aku duk kl,senanglah jg kot nk join event dr nuffnang..adalahh juga semangat..

  8. BeaN MorENo says:

    >sendra – apa lagey pindah la key el!!!

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