>-= TodaY Is MonDay =-


Yeay Monday comes again!!!(do i love monday???sometimes…).Today after i open the computer HR call me for to do something that is not my routine(wah…should i do).But after i have been thinking for a while so i decided to do it even it was not an IT work(I am multitasking robot maaan!!!).And some more CNY- Chinese New Year is around the corner hopefully boss see my effort n give me 5 month bonus(is it possible??)..ahaha..

Today i am feeling good.WHY???because remember the person that owe me 4K just now bank in 1K in my bank(after i threatened him..1K also OK lol better than nothing…).The person promiss me that he will pay the balance on 25th of next month(hopefully it is true…).

Hope this week i can maintain this blog traffic.Or maybe can get more 500 uniques should be better(haha have to be greedy lol…).Many important thing that i have missed out last week(due to blogging addiction..ahaha).One of the hot news was Facebook user have to pay 3.99 pound sterling after July 2010.Wah should we pay for it..??I don’t know why that “Jewish” was too greedy(do you want to buy machine guns to destroy Palestine or what???)…I didnt mean to be racist but you must think that if you do that maybe everybody will delete their account and your server will be empty.
You know what???Twitter is still free.That’s y i seldom use FB since dec 2009.I have stop playing their games,using their application,and also i didn’t upload pic(the one that upload the pic is my wife…).Do you want to know 1 secret???I also don,t know how to TAG pic(funny right but for me it was not important…).So everybody…If you think that it is not worth it paying for that FB fees why not change to other SN that FREE and also can give us chance to earn money(FB supposed to give us the ads royalty ma!!).How about changing to twitter that we can use as a tool to make money(don’t know if we also have to pay for Twitter services.huh damn!!!)
– Think wise lets change!!!

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6 Responses to >-= TodaY Is MonDay =-

  1. >cemana ntah bole dapat visitor ramai2 ni.hee tempat aku nda la sampai cam korang.hee

  2. kak ina kl says:

    >salam mr bean..hemmm rajin yer satu hari sampai 2 kali N3..wah camni bolehlah dapat visitor sampai 1,000..ahaks..kalau rajin buatlah sampai 4 N3 cam mamared tu..akak buat 2 kali ajer..cukuplah..

  3. >wahh byknyee duit dpt…nanti leh belanja time gathering. uuu uuu uuu…wekk!!pdan muke kauuuuu

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hikhik…mana ade ramai la bb…biasa2 jek…

  5. BeaN MorENo says:

    >kak ina – akak traffic dah jta2…xpayah buat entrypun xpe…puan capa – apahal nak cepat jumaatbaby hel – duit apa???

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