>-= oWh SwiFt =-


Hye again this is my second entry for today…ahaha…I know some of you are waiting for my latest entry right(wah…feel like a famous writer…hehe…but please don’t call me “OTAI”).Regarding to this entry title do you think that i want to write about this :
Owh no…not this Swift…I prefer to write about Caldina rather than this Swift.Not my type...(but if Suzuki give me for free what should i say…SEBAT sudah!!!akaka).While i was driving back from office i heard gossip about my 2nd wife(Oooops!!!Hope my baby didn’t read this entry).
(Only in dream lol)
I heard that Swift already broke up with Launtner and launtner went back for a relationship with his x girlfriend(Yaks!!!).But it’s ok Swift i still have 3 more to go…ahaha..Actually Swift was a talented singer.She can wrote songs and her voice was wow!!!I like to listen to her song and we have similarity(not gender la bro…).For me i like to write simething that happened in my life and i share it in this blog.Swift also always wrote song that related to her own life.For example if you listen to “fifteen” it’s about her own situation(how about you write a song about me Swift then people will know…ahaha).
So let’s listen to her song(i like her music deep from her soul).

(Fifteen – Tylor Swift)
p/s :
– Yeay go back to Mama House…

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12 Responses to >-= oWh SwiFt =-

  1. Frazi A says:

    >i am a fan toooo….dua-dua swift ak mauuuuuuu

  2. Aus says:

    >aku tgh konpius..nk pilih swift yg berkaki atau swift yg ade besi..ahaha..dua2 mendatangkan kebaikan..haha..

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >frazi- pilih satu daripada jawapan

  4. Lifesaver says:

    >suka caldina juga 😉

  5. BeaN MorENo says:

    >puan capa – kita serupa….hehe

  6. helena's says:

    >eloooo saya big2 fan of swift k!! nak beli kete tuh nant!heheyg taylor swift pun same..boleh laaaa..hahahaa

  7. BeaN MorENo says:

    >cik hel – sy xsuke suzuki swift…

  8. Matjoe says:

    >caldina laa swift laa. car is a huge liability. taylor swift maybe not, kalo dia nak tanggung ko

  9. Anonymous says:

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