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Happy Saturday to all readers and bloggers.Still the same no big issue to write in this blog.But do you want to know something…???I learn something new that can improve my blog.But before that i want to thank my fellow blogger Kancilbiru for the precious knowledge.
Actually I’ve been thinking for a long time to put this widget but still can’t work properly.Let me show you the widget that i just put in my blog…

(Yeay my tweet box can scroll already!!!)

Ok let me share with you how to make this widget work properly.First of all you must have an active twitter account.If you still doesn’t have twitter account please register it is FREE!!!The next thing that you should do is LOG IN la(if not how to make or create this widget!!!).
Then after login click at setting (1) and then go to more URL and click (You can also add Twitter to your site here).
(Figure 2: setting up twitter in blog’s)
After you have click that this interface will comes out…
(Figure 3 : setting up twitter in blog)
Then click my website and then search widget after you have clicked that..this will appear :

(Figure 4 : setting up twitter in blog)

Follow this instruction :
1 – PUt your username (Twitter username off course don’t put FB username OK!!!)
2 – Put the title fot this box (for me i put my blog URL…actually just copy kancilbiru style…ahaha)
3 – Put your box caption (in Malay tangkapan is it right!!!ahaha)
4 – Check back your final visualize/customize tweet box…
5 – Press Finish & Grab code

Do you think it is over…NO!!!got another important steps…

(Figure 5 : setting up twitter in blog)
If you’re using blogspot as usually just press the blogspot icon there but for “otai” they use wordpress they just cut n paste lol.Is that easy(easy???i found this for almost 2 month…ahaha).

p/s :
– Credit to thekancilbiru for this tutorial.wow at last got this widget…
– was influence by nara then try to change in my blog…

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8 Responses to >-= TwEeT aNd BloG =-

  1. Kancilbiru says:

    >sama-sama…glad that the tutorial helped u a lot!~~

  2. Sendra says:

    >bean,aku tak reti guna twitter..ajari aku dong!!

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >sendra – hehe…ko rgister then aku ajar ko…ahaha

  4. Aus says:

    >ahahaa..aku rase nak ade twitter gk la..tapi xreti maen..haha

  5. BeaN MorENo says:

    >aus – xreti blajar

  6. Lifesaver says:

    >tak pandai la main twitter

  7. Anonymous says:

    >Hey. I don't normally leave comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great information. I have a blog too, thoughI don't write as good as you do, but if you want to check it out here it is. Thanks again and have a great day!Retribution Paladin PvP

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