>-= ReSpecT PeOpLe (Don"t TrY ThIs @ HoMe =-


Hm…because yesterday i went to office so this is a good reason for me to be lazy today…(Boss please ignore this statement…just assume i will work hard today)…No idea for writing but after sending my wife to work today I’ve got an idea to write about this matter.
Have you been in this situation before :

“Thank You for calling (tut…)…Bean Moreno speaking.How can i assist you???”
“You idiot monkey,s***d,DEM,bulls**t,ulu kaingge!!!”

Ya!!!very sensitive i think.It will always happen in the call center.Do you think this kind of attitude relevant or should i say good attitude that we should follow.For me the words that i should say is RUDE!!!This is not because my wife work as a Customer Service Representative (i also was one of the CSR for the past 4 years…)

Why did i say this is RUDE!!!Just think that if you’re in their position what do you feel if people shouting at you and it is actually not your fault.Ask yourself is it worth it to shout and be RUDE to them!!!The answer is you SUCKS!!!Ok for your information all the CSR was train by the company just to make your reports.Do don’t know anything about what happen outside and they are also trained to settle your problem just by reading the method on the screen.They can’t do anything else for you due to your problem but only listen to your problem and make a report.They are paid to do that.!!!So you guys have to think wisely before talking to them because their task is to help you.So do respect them.
Can you imagine…There were some of them that preggy in the call center.What will happen to their emotion if you shout at them.What did you feel if something happen to their baby if effected.Preggy women need a neutral emotion to take care of their baby.What did you feel as a husband.!!!To make things clearer they are not the one that should be blame for all the problem it’s the COMPANY!!!Pity to them because they are trying to help us and they are the middle person that will help us to go through the management but we as a normal human didn’t respect them.

So guys i hope after you read this posting hope you can speak gently and respect them.Try to follow their orders because they have to do it(it’s procedures man!!!).If you can’t help them with their task they also can’t help you to settle the problem.So think wisely…
– still remember when the time i was in the call centre.I received a call from Tun Mahathir (not his PA ok!!!).He spoke in a proper manner.No shouting!!!and even he said just call him Encik Mahathir.that’s how a wiseman style…cool and relax!!!

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14 Responses to >-= ReSpecT PeOpLe (Don"t TrY ThIs @ HoMe =-

  1. Matjoe says:

    >Coudn't agree more.

  2. Lifesaver says:

    >hm…btol..kerana mulut badan binasa…

  3. helena's says:

    >penah kene camtu masa keje cyberjaya.no manners!betul ckp puan syafa-kerana mulut badan binasa.

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >matjoe – hehe…y???puan capa – itu pasal la…tapi ayat tu macam memerli je…wakakacik hel – ntah…cubela cakap elok2…

  5. Matjoe says:

    >biasa laa aku pun selalu tadah telinga jgk…

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >mat joe – hehe..etika3…wakaka

  7. sWeEtDaRLinG says:

    >fuuuhh untungnya dapat cakap ngan Tun Mahathir.. apa masalah dia sampai dia call sendiri tu?

  8. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amy – masalah die connection internet die xdapat buat connection

  9. Sendra says:

    >lepas ni kalau org kol aku,aku nak adress diri aku encik sendra je lahh..tak payah lahh dato2..aku pun nk low profile mcm tun mahathir.

  10. >nasib baik selama aku kerja bawah csm ni takde lagi kena marah2..cume aku bengang dengan budak shif yang bongok dan poyo adalah…haishhh….

  11. BeaN MorENo says:

    >sendra – itu untuk orang yang kol jela…bukan untuk orang jawab kol…ahahababy hel – ala dalam blogging pun ada yang poyo apa…kat mana2pun ada POYO tuh

  12. TiniHani says:

    >heheh tu mesti tak pernah ikut course etika menjawab telefon tu… sabar aje la.. kalau kita tak sabar kita pon sama je jadi org bodoh mcm tukang call tu. :)salam kenal

  13. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hehe…zaman saya jawab call dah abis…dah lepas azab…anyway thanx sebab visit ok…

  14. >Ouhh, I once received a call from a customer who was cursing non stop over the phone. Every sentence ended with an FFFUUU word. But hey, a good CSE will know how to handle this kinda customer right? And it sure feels good when at the end of the conversation, the customer tones down his voice. Aaahhh..

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