>-= WhaT Is The ImporTanT ThinGs to A BloG =-


Actually i want to write something about the event yesterday.But haven’t receive any pic from other blogger yet.(ya lor…my camera is not good enough as their camera!!!China made ma!!!).So i decided to write about an issue that i think a bit sensitive for us but just for sharing ok…Yesterday when i was blogwalking to other blogs i read about how to get visitor to your blog.Many blog owner are reviewing about how to get visitors or hits to their blog.

For me after blogging this blog for almost 2 years.I always try something that can attract visitors to come to this blog.And after experimented some technique so i found out the conclusions are :
Content is the most important thing in Blogging

Blogging is about writing.So writing is related to content.For me it’s ok for us write about our personal life.Write about something that we done today.There is nothing wrong with that kind of writing as long as we write it in the way that can attract people to read the entry.But usually i will write about what i have done with my own way but in the entry got something that we can share together.Sometimes funny phrase can influence the visit.That’s why i like to visit Vidasakura Blog’s(Ok vivi belajak aku ya bah!!!)
Templates that we use 
This method was used by many blogger to attract visitors.I am impressed by a blogger that use such an attracting templates and can bring many visitors to view their blog.But we must aware about picking a templates because sometimes a beautiful template might cause slow page loading.If the page loading was slow the visitor will leave the blog(but if the visitor is patient enough like me you’ll be lucky maaan!!!).So be carefull.
Joining Community and Activity 
 This will give a great impact to your blog.Why…???Ok when we join a community the members will support you.And when we join the activity we will meet other bloggers and we can share our links.So when we share the links they will follow us(off course if our blog is interesting).For example like yesterday…I went for the Astro Event and met other blogger that i think good in blogging(thank me guys because i am type of people that easily likes to “puji” someone…ahaha).But the best thing is i met Nara.(So bro give me backlinks ok..ahaha)
Keep Quiet Please!!!
Ok…Why i put out this point.most of us like music.I am also a music maniac but if we put songs in the blog it will cause an interference to our blog readers.WHY???because sometimes they already on their itunes.Ok to make it simple…Maybe the song that we put in the blog is our favourite song but not to our readers.For example you like to listen to Panic At The Disco(PATD) but the readers was not a fans of PATD(like me…i hate PATD!!!damn annoying!!!) so tehy will automatically leave your blog.Simple right!!!
Picture and Video Please!!!

I always use this method in my blog.Why because beautiful pictures(not beautifulnara ok!!!) and nice put can attract visitors to read your blog.Remember the important elements in MEDIA sound,picture and also video(except porno pic and video guys!!!).If you want to copy the pic from other blogs or website make sure you ask from the blog owner or just modify a bit(it depends on your creativity…)
I think these are all the point that i can share with all of you.Remember it is just my point of you.If all the points clash with yours it is not my problem..For more points you can visit my friend blog KUEHTART( i don’t know why he put this name…so unique…ahaha)
p/s : 
– Just got picture from Kak Ina but i feel so tired and my baby is waiting for me inside the room while saying :
“Abang it’s late already!!!You want to be a JAGA or what!!!”
So i think i will update about the event tomorrow…Thanks for viewing ok!!!

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14 Responses to >-= WhaT Is The ImporTanT ThinGs to A BloG =-

  1. kak ina kl says:

    >salam..amboi mentang-mentanglah malam jumaat..tidur awal ek…ingatkan nak update pasal kita-kita malam ni..

  2. >sangat-sangat setuju pasal semua terutama bab content tue. heheh. thanks borak2 kat malam byond. mmg best

  3. daydeck86 says:

    >dah apdet pasal semalam tapi tak dapat la nak hantor original pic coz saiz besor sangat esok den torai hantar dari opis tolong bg email yerk.

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >kak ina – perghh malam jumaat afdhal kak…jgn dilupakan…mahal tau byr hantaran…wakaka

  5. BeaN MorENo says:

    >bro nara – hm…tulah skang ni tgh mencari apa yang kurang so kalau bro ada idea tolong eyh…kasi la backlink skit…ahaha

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >deydeq – xpe2…no hal nnt saya gi blog deydeq anta email…

  7. Lifesaver says:

    >bini dah panggil..hehehe

  8. BEAN'S says:

    >puan capa – itu nama die panggilan bermanja-manjaan puan…

  9. >elehhhhhhhh!masuk blog aku suka kutuk2.cit!neway ko salah eja nama aku.cis.

  10. BeaN MorENo says:

    >vivi – aku xkutuk blog ko…aku kutuk ko…wakakak…saje je buat salah eja…kalau x ko x komen post aku…

  11. helena's says:

    >dah lain plak blog bean.sorry la lama tak jenguk blog..baru rini nak tengok bean..hehe

  12. sWeEtDaRLinG says:

    >blog lagi menarik tertarik da boom kaaa….. bini ngamuk2, udah2 ler blogging ha ha ha ha

  13. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hel – xpe2…hehe…saje boring2 tuko2

  14. BeaN MorENo says:

    >amy – ala die faham "abang" die ni blogger…aha

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