>-= Wow!!!ThErE’s AnoTheR TwO =-


Hm…I never think that being a blogger will make my life happening like i feel now…Why???!!!I like writing articles.But the best thing is the invitation???As a Nuffnang member as usual they invite me to their events again.Yeay!!!Today is Tuesday 12 of January 2010, that’s mean i got one invitation tomorrow…What Invitation???Astro B.yond Blogger Night!!!
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Wow hope i can be the lucky winner tomorrow and bring back the LCD and Byond set.and hope to see other blogger too.One of my friend has tried this Byond and said that the HD tech was very good and clear.So guys pray for me!!!
Another one more BIG event that i will attend in this week is Samsung Corby Carnival.I received the invitation yesterday but didn’t have time to update my entry.I was shocked and excited when i received the mail from Nuffnang because i am waiting for the invitation.
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This Saturday is my first time playing the paintball(is it like playing Counter Strike!!!).I will try my best to win just like i won in Digi Events with my Vatos Locos mates!!!But the main important thing is i will learn something new.But the sad thing is 1 pass per person.So that’s mean i can’t bring my wife!!!(Sorry baby…).

Hope it will be as fun as the Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge!!!So …
P/S :
– Other bloggers please pray for my luck.hopefully can bring back the prizes!!!
– To Frazi…We will meet up at the event!!!

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9 Responses to >-= Wow!!!ThErE’s AnoTheR TwO =-

  1. Lifesaver says:

    >seronok btol masuk contest ni

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >memang la seronok puan…kalau x xkan cik hel tersenyum!!!wakaka

  3. Frazi A says:

    >woo..2 in 1..hebat2

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >mana ade hebat biasa je…

  5. Lovely Emy says:

    >takut nak tegur kita.?? kita lg lah takut…!kita pun dapat invitation g samsung corby, tapi xdapat pg, sbb kat spore.. 😦

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >owh…igt emmy pegi…habis sape team emmy yang gi…

  7. >ko ni glamer btl..asyik dpt invitation aje..jeles aku..aku x seaktif kau mane lahh ade org nk invite kan..huhu

  8. kak ina kl says:

    >salam mr bean..wah malam ni kita bolehlah bertentang mata..tegurlah akak kalau kamu nampak akak..takut akak tak perasan..maklumlah club kan cahaya dia samar-samar ajo..

  9. BeaN MorENo says:

    >baby he- mana ade femes…biasa je…nnt aku kasi ko femes nak!!!kak ina – akakpun pegi…wow!!!jgn lupa bawak lauk pauk ye kak…xpe nnt akalu saya pasan akau saya tegur eyh…

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