>What Is a Blog


Nowadays internet was one of the important thing that people need to complete their task.Got many things that require internet service.But one of the important element in the internet right now is blog.Maybe some of us familiar with blog and many of free blog hosting in the internet that used by the blogger such as Typad,Blogspot, or maybe WordPress.
Why did i say blog is one of the important or must get element in the internet.It is because we can do many things by only using one simple blog.Blog is actually like website or should i say simple website that can be created easily using all the hosting that i have mentioned.We can write anything that we want in our own blog.It is just like we write something in the book or diary.
For me wirting in the blog was easy and even 16 years old kid can do it.Maybe some of us still doesn’t see the roles of blog in our life.Even it is just a writing but the creativity in blogging can also bring benefits to our life.With blog we can express our feeling by writing it in.We can assume that our blog same as our diary.

Beside sharing our emotions and feelings in the blog, we also can earn something or money from our blog.According to the research there were many blogger that use their blog to earn income.How can we earn income is depends on our intention.We can do internet marketing and promote our products in blog,we can write articles for any company to earn money, or maybe advertisements or should i say blog advertising method.
So blogging it self are depends on the blogger.The blogger that decide what their blog can be and what they can get using their blog.But for me,Blogging is something that i use to share,care, and also earn.More article on What Is Blog visit What Is Blog.

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5 Responses to >What Is a Blog

  1. kak ina kl says:

    >salam..bagi akak blog ni buat suker-suker sambil dapat duit walaupun seciput..jadilah kan..

  2. Lifesaver says:

    >blog??? ntah.tak tau la apa itu blog

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >aha..puan ni ngada2 la…malu i tau…

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks so much for the great post. I've been searching for blogs like this now for 30 minutes and i finall found onethat's worthwhile. I'm really into video games, do you have any information on the new Call of Duty? I know thisis off topic, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks…oh also, I have some video game writings if you want to check them out. Here are a few of themMagic The Gathering TournamentMagic The Gathering RavnicaPlay Video Games

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