>-= PaRanoRmaL Acttivity =-


(Paranormal Activity it seem like seekers in Malaysia)
Hye it’s me again sharing maybe something that you don’t wanna know…Off corse la this is my blog so i can wrote anything inside here.Just want to share some moments that i have been facing in my entire life(is it wrong???).
Ok.Last night i got an invitaition from nuffnang to watch the screening of “Paranormal Activity”.Actually I am one of the first people in Malaysia that watched this movie early(actually it will be screened tomorrow).This screening was organized by Nuffnang for their blogger.
(Free tix from nuffnang and a badge.i’ve got 2 badges already)
This event took place in GSC Tropicana in Damansara.And it started around 9.30.But as usual after maghrib i went there with my wife(and you’ll know watching movies is her hobies…haha).I arrived there very early so we finish up our time walking and window shopping(targeting something to buy if i got the KDU prizes…am i the winner god knows…).There were not many interesting stuff in Tropicana (maybe it is still new) so we decided to go to Toy’s R Us to find something for my niece Aleesya(born in 1.1.10…new year baby…).And took some pic :
(actually i am the bumble bee but the body was stolen.am i childish..)
(dare to jam with me…Rock da world!!!Gerhana please take me as your vocal..plzzz)
(This is what we call activity to release stress…am i right baby…)
(after receiving the tix…my baby like roaring lion and i am the victim)

Enough it’s time for me to review the movie.Actually i can rate this movie because i didn’t felt asleep while watching it.Actually this movie was based on the true story in USA.They move to another house and stay there together.The boyfriend was techno maniac and bought a new high tech cam coder to fill their activity.at the meantime his girlfriend always bothered by the paranormal so his boyfriend decided to record all the activity that they do in the house to show the existance of the paranormal.
So after made his decision he tried to challenge the demon to face him and show it self.then many strange things happened after that.The demon show it self and it makes them scared.

(do you see the shadow???click to enlarge)
So they decided to call a ghost buster(sort of like Harun din…hahah) to get rid of the ghost but some how the ghost got angry and the ghost buster as can’t do anything and ask them to face the ghost.So the ghost gst angrier than before and many horror thing happened until…argh…i cant tell you the full story.So for horror movie lover please watch this.
For me the movie was quite slow but after the demon reveal its identity it’s wow!!!I don’t know either it was taken from the original video or just copy and add it…for me i can give 3 out of 5 stars rating for this movie. So watch the trailer…

p/s :
– The movie was very scary and suspend..so don’t bring older people or heart attact people to watch it…or else…Kiok…
– Please don’t play with the demons.They’re also god’s creation and have feeling.If you challenge them they will accept it.Only one demon that you can challenge —> Ali Setan!!!ahaha
– If you’re haunted by a demon just seek for god’s protection.

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  1. Lifesaver says:

    >asyik dpt tiket free je..tak aci!nuffnang ni!

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    >puan xnak participate…mcm mana diorang nak kasi…

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