>-= GooD NeWs!!! =-


Hm…After rain there will be a sunshine.So lets talk about the good news…After this all my readers all dearest bloggers can access my blog using my own domain.My new domain is :
The brand new weblog will starts tomorrow and please change my link in your blog to the above link.Maybe some of you will keep on thinking why i change from blogspot to my own domain.Off course because i want to be serious in blogging.I want to move towards a professional blogger and earn money not only from nuffnang ads but also links advertising.
I hope my dearest blogger friend can change my link inside all of your blogs to support my new blog.I need traffics in my new blog.So that’s why i have to concerntrate to the new URL.

About suterablogger

Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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4 Responses to >-= GooD NeWs!!! =-

  1. BeaN MorENo says:

    >sebab beli domain baru…

  2. >Pehhh dah ada domain siot!tinggi lahh traffic kau nanti..hahahahah!

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >perli nampak hel…siot tol…jadi ke tak???

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