>-= Camera And Techniques =-


Hye bloggers and readers today i would like to review camera and the of techniques.We can see today a lot camera models in the market such as Nikon D90,D3000 and maybe D5000.We might know about the model but do we know about their function.We have to know about camera function and the techniques to use the camera.If not we are like the rats try to fix the pumpkin.
There are many important techniques that we need to know before we can call us a photographer such as lighting technique,lens technique,shadow technique,shuttle technique,image focusing technique and many more technique that i haven’t mention here.All of the techniques are the thing that we need to know because the technique may lead us to get a great view to shoot a picture nicely.

Instead of that we need to know what type of lens that we want to use for our job.Different lens will give us different view and different result to the picture.Many of the professional photographers studied about this to get a better work done.There are three groups of lens that we have to know before we can start photography.The first one is “Wideangle Lenses” (<50mm) for sweeping panoramas and other outdoor scenes, group shots and generally anything requiring strong perspective.The second group is “Medium Telephoto Lenses” (85-135mm) for portraits.And the last group is “Long Telephoto Lenses” (>135mm) and it is use for sports, nature or other types of documentary style photography that requires you to be close to the action but cannot be close physically be it dangerous or timid.
So that’s all the knpwledge that i can tell you about camera and the technique.For more information you can go to the camera model and similar techniques article.Let’s learn and be more professional on photograhpy anyway “Sharing is Caring”.
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  1. Lifesaver says:

    >kalo ada camera tu…main tekan je..asalkan nmpk muka cute

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hehe..memang le…sebab tula gamba senget…wakaka

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