>-= Y.E.S (YeaR EnD StoRy) =-


Haha 2009 is nearly to an end…In the same date last year i have put some goals that i must achieve in this year.Some of the goals achieved already la…but as usual there are some of them that still have to replan.These are the goals last year :
1) Maintain my blogSuterablogger  -> achieved(done)
2) Buy a bigger car – Gen 2 -> achieved(done)
3) Help running fam Biz – Gold Earth (gets many tender from college) -> achieved(done)
3) Form a company – Illussion Master -> achieved(done)
4) Get married – almost 6 month -> achieved(done)
5) Be Nuffnang active blogger – attend many events -> achieved(done)
5) Collect “duit Syiling” until RM1K – can i..silly goals -> still collecting(now RM500 omething)
6) Do well in int mkt – yes tried many things -> collect nuffnang first check after 7 month
7) Buy NIKON D90 – owh no… -> hm…when can i own this… 
Hm…that’s mean i have achieved most of my goals…so it’s time for me to carry on the goals and add another goals…so for next year 2010 i put these goals to my list :

1) Buy DSLR NIKON D90 Camera – can’t wait
2) Grow the business – wait for Illussion Master to expand 
3) Settle all debts – owh yea!!!wait ha!!!along2 semua…

2) Produce baby – not the big one small baby…ahaha

3) Buy a domain for suterablogger – maybe change to beanmoreno.com or suterablogger.com
(which one is better???give me suggestion)
4) Change car color – maybe to red or black (wow!!!very taksub with the color)
5) Go Holiday aka honeymoon – wow late already ma!!!
that’s all hope i can achieved all of these goals…maybe it sound silly but what should i care.it’s mine not yours!!!

p/s :

– credit to goolge for all the pic
– pray for me!!!

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Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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4 Responses to >-= Y.E.S (YeaR EnD StoRy) =-

  1. Lovely Emy says:

    >wahhh, syok nya, u achieved most of ur goals.. cool~!!i prefer suterablogger.com 🙂

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >tq for the suggestion..hehe thank god i achieved…so pray for me…

  3. wiseman says:

    >Yes…illussion master!…absolutely….

  4. Lifesaver says:

    >wahhhh!!!saya nya goal achieved ke erk??ntah..hahaha

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