>-= NuR KasIh FeVer =-


wow…after i finished writing this post maybe some people will laugh at me…Why???because i am one of the MALE that love to watch Nur Kasih…wakaka…so wierd you know…When the time it was played in TV the only person that watch this series was my wife…I am not interested at all.!!!but don’t know y suddenly after i watch one of the episode(played back in TV3) i feel like i must download this movie.Wah!!! very touching2 you know…huhuh…
 I still don’t know why i like to watch this song.Is it because Tiz Zakiah(very lovely right!!!),or maybe because Ayu Raudah or because of the story…hehe…So hopefully can finish downloading this series as soon as possible.
to download this theme song click here
To anybody that addcited to this series like me Go here to download…it’s free!!!

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7 Responses to >-= NuR KasIh FeVer =-

  1. >hahaha…rugi klo x tgk citer ni..best r…rmai je dak lelaki yg lain yg tgk citer ni…xyah la nak malu2…kih3

  2. Naz says:

    >hehe.. citer ni mmg best! x pelik la guys pun layannn… hehehe ;p

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >ein – ein ko macam xkenal je aku ni…ganas!!!!ahaha…kalaula dak2 tau aku tgk cite ni mampos!!!Naz – tgk kan dah kate dah!!!kene gelak je..huhu

  4. azmalina says:

    >cite niy len dr yg len. best2. hee

  5. >aku pun suka tgk citer ni…

  6. Lifesaver says:

    >wow!tgk nur kasih…hahaha! KE pon layan gak..nape dlm tu takde gmbr ayu raudhah?

  7. BeaN MorENo says:

    >azmalina – tu la pasal…mencari saya tempat dload nasib jumpediari hatiku1976 – samala kitelifesaver – ye ke???kire die mcm sayala golongan lelaki romantik..ahaha

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