>-= The TigEr’s RoCk!!! =-


I am not talking about “Hull City” (what the!!!They’re sucks!!!) just talking about our national football team.For me yesterday’s match was one of the best shot from our national football team.WoW!!! they have never been like this before.They won against Thailand and yesterday the won against the home team LAOS.Credit to the players and also to the coach Raja Gopal.
(one of Malaysia great goal on 14 minute)

Actually i am not into Malaysia football.It’s not because i am not nationalism enough or maybe doesn’t love my country( iam skinhead last time off corse i am countryman!!!) but because of style and spirit.But yesterday they played well.and won 3-1 in Laos.So hopefully they can change Malaysia football scene.Off course we cant produce a good striker like Rooney that can run 100M in 8.6s…We cant get any flamboyant winger like Christiano Ronaldo (i hate him!!!).We also didn’t have skillful midfielder like Gerrard(haha YNWA!!! forever) or maybe great defender like Glen Johnson(ooops he score an own goal last week!!!).but we still can produced a better squad and most likely better than Thailand and Indonesia team….haha…



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4 Responses to >-= The TigEr’s RoCk!!! =-

  1. Lifesaver says:

    >mmg otai la diaorg…tapi tak sempat tgk gol ke-2 m'sia..ada review tak?

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >ada…ahaha…janji menang puan

  3. >Tak sabar menantikan perlawanan akhir petang ini. Jom support beramai-ramai. Live di tv3 & rtm!p/s : jgn lupa doa akhir & awal tahun juga :)http://from-the-news.blogspot.com/

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >yeay!!! MalAYSIA MENANG!!!

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