>-= ThE BirTh =-


Hehe…Simple artwork from a simple blogger…Just practicing my photoshop skills…It was also created in honor of the first anniversary of this precious blog “SUTERABLOGGER“.I also haven’t notice that tomorrow “SUTERABLOGGER” is already one year in blogspot server…Many thing that i have learn while writing this blog.Not only about creating blog but also i learn to know my self.
I earn many things while writing this blog not only money but also friendship.On the first day i created this blog i have no idea about earning money with this blog.I just want to share all about my emotion with the readers.And the one that inspired me was the blog called “sayaorangmelayu“. I wrote entries just because i was influenced by this blog.From day to day i learn how to get follower by doing simple method that is “be the follower first” (until now i still use this method…ahaha…easy right).and the first blog that i followed was “Lifesaver.Thanks to the blog’s owner(don’t want to mention name to avoid bumptious).Nice blog actually…Don’t stop from being wild…ooops…
 With writing this blog also i got many virtual friends like PJ Selamba,Helina,ayie_helina(ooops sori to mention the ayie’s name),vivimelisa(maintain the rudeness of the blog…ooops…you rock n f*t!!!ahaha), and many more that i couldn’t mention here(should i…ahaha).Hopefully we could share and write the blogs until all of our ideas gone(or should i say crazy…hahaha).Don’t forget to click my ads ok!!!
So to all silent readers and also my followers tq for all your support and hope you will still read this blog even i write nonsense entry.huhu…

About suterablogger

Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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2 Responses to >-= ThE BirTh =-

  1. Lifesaver says:

    >uhuk2…patut la tersedak2..rupa2nya ada org kutuk blkg

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