>-= MeeT UnCle HussEin – DramA KinG (Raja DraMa) =-


It’s almost 12 am but i am still awake without any direction and without anything to do.Argh!!!What to do…just writing entry until these eyes can be shut properly…huhu…SO i decided to write about this band.Actually i really admire this band…Have you heard this song :
Lakon layarmu hebat
Terpukau ku melihat
Isi hati upahan

Sampai bila?
Kau mahu tersesat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh muslihat
Bertakhtalah Raja drama”

to download click here

Actually this song was collaboration between MUH and Black Mentor.I’ve listened to Black previous song and it’s SUCKS!!!but this song make me realize that Black has such a great voice and it’s Dynamic was WOW!!!I really like this song.And for me TAJA was one og Malaysia best song writer.
I followed MUH from their first single that is “Laguku Untukmu” (sang by LAN) until LAN was actually kicked (don’t know y) from the band.All their lyrics were poetical (is this words correct) and easy to understand…So for all of you that haven’t heard this song… :

p/s :
– I think Black’s voice is very suitable for Meet Uncle Hussein’s song.
– The voice dynamic was actually the same like LAN(ex-vocalist now with The Typewriter)

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