>-= Big MatCh Of EPL =-


Today is a day that will see our team rise up from the disaster.I taught this match is next week but after i checked the fixture at soccernet it is today!!!I should be wearing The REDS Jersey today ahaha…Hopefully can watch Aquilani skills today for FULL TIME!!!Please Benitez…For me if all my favourite player played in the game it should be entertaining enough..I really hope that the Gunners will stumble on our playground…
I think Gerrard and Torres also were fit enough to play for this big game!!!So i think we should not allow Lucas to play in midfield or for not breaking his heart just put him in the bench…In defensive also i think Skrtel shouldn’t play tonight or in the other words SELL HIM!!!(i think kyrgiakos is better than him)…OUT you go Skrtel!!!How about Ngog…this name also i think should put in the bench in case Torres got problem with his leg then subtitute lor…

Owh no!!!I’ve forgoten one thing…What!!!My wife was Arsenal fan…Hopefully she will not cry tonight when the time Arsenal lost at Anfield!!!ahahaha sorry Baby…So anfielders put your prediction as i have predicted the match will end up 2-1...YNWA!!!

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2 Responses to >-= Big MatCh Of EPL =-

  1. Sharinginfoz says:

    >singgah jap… kalau free datang le sini

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hehe…okies no hal…

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