>-= KDU OpEn Day WorKShoP =-


It’s time for me to write again.But this time it is not about internet marketing,and it is also not about my life(do you like it)…It is all about the event that I’ve attended today(First time lor!!!)…
 Actually today i was invited by Nuffnang to KDU (Kolej Damansara Utama) because KDU hosted an open day workshop.It was my second time go to KDU.Last time i go as a promoter and sell goodies but today i went there as Blogger…What???!!!You don’t believe me!!!I got proof :
 (Now you see it righ.its me standing infront of KDU…no photoshop)
For not wasting out your time i will share what happened during the workshop…I came early in the morning as promised.I registered at the counter and then i was taken to the hall to have the breakfast (i was very hungry at that time…ahaha)…The event started at 10 am and a speech was given by Ms Ong.It is all about the scholarship that KDU provided to the new enroll pre-u students.So for whom that qualify (3A’s holder also can apply this scholarship…isn’t it good enough) just enroll now!!!
(Ms Ong with her speech.I wonder why my camera become blur…Have to buy Nikon i think…hm…)
After that the moment that i’ve been waiting arrived.It’s time to hear Kenny Sia speech (first time meeting him).I always heard his name…Kenny Sia was talking about “Life After College)…Quite a good speech.No wonder he can become that damn rich!!!haha…
(Wow!!!have to work hard to be like him…those who didn’t know Kenny Sia just visit kennysia.com)
After the his speech i was taken to the Mass Communication workshop and it is about “Radio Production”.It was great because according to their lecturer they have produce a lot of celebrities here such as Reshmonuand also “Hani Manu” from Fly FM.GREAT!!!And there was an interview session.
@ Mass Communication Workshop 
(Kenny Sia is checking the equipment…is he a policeman or what…ahaha)
(one Of the best student in KDU)
(Kenny Sia in the interview session)
And the best thing is…JENG JENG JENG!!!
(They interview me!!!Horah never been interview before!!!except interview to for job…)
Ok…After that we went to Engineering workshop.It is about “Smart Home & House Wiring”.Actually i have learn about this in my previous corse but i ignore.It is about basic infrastucture of electricity.The lecture was given by Mr Reynato Gamboa (what a unique name…) if i am not mistaken…ahaha…

@ Engineering Workshop
(Mr Reynato Gamboa…I i think it is his name…)

(It’s me,Kenny,Mr Reynato, and some of the engineering student)

The best part is when i went to The Information System workshop.It is WOW!!!KDU got 10 computer labs and also good server system.Even nuffnang got 4 servers (i heard from one of the nuffnang’s people).No lecture here but gain some knowledge from their IT people.It’s good for me…

@Information Technology Workshop
(wow!!if one of the labs got 30pc…)

(one of the staff explain about the lab)
 After this session we went to Law Workshop.The speech was given by Miss Qoah and it’s abou law.She show us some videos that made by their own student(Law student…they should be thinking to take art courses…)…

@ Law Workshop

(Miss Qoah with her speech)

The last workshop is Culinary workshop.It was about “Cuisines,Culinary and Molecular experience.KDU have a lot of cooking stuff that can cook everything and the lecturers were all good and knowledgable.Many theories that they know and i don’t know…(off course la i am IT expert ma!!!)
@ Culinary Workshop

(One of the Lecturer i fotgot already his name…)

 (Another one called Azmil)
That were all the things that i’ve experience during my visit to KDU Open Day Workshop.And for me if i still got guts to study(old already ma!!!) i will go to KDU to further my study.So for whom that thingking of where to further their study just come to KDU and enroll.

p/s :
Kenny Sia inspired me a lot on blogging.Hopefully can meet him another time and share his experience and as he said in his speech :

“Passion is the most important thing in ourselved for a self development…”


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8 Responses to >-= KDU OpEn Day WorKShoP =-

  1. Frazi A says:

    >isk..kental giler ar mamat ni..sguh berdedikasi mbuat liputan..ala2 karim singh walia, respek gilers ar..syabas!pasti berjaya di ekedemi ftasia..ak nk tlis entry tp, kpale ak stil ting tong..erkk..erkkk

  2. helena's says:

    >dah macam wartawan dah..ekeke

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >Frazi – ahaha…saje je bro…bosan2 mana tau boleh dapat 1khelena – huhu…kenny sia tu yang penting…

  4. BeaN MorENo says:

    >duit punye hal puan mestila semangat!!!ahaha

  5. Aidi-Safuan says:

    >hye there!rasanya kita ada terjumpa gak time workshop culinary tuh kan?hehe

  6. BeaN MorENo says:

    >aidi-safuan – ye ke…awak yang mana satu???

  7. sumijelly says:

    >wahh ko….adidi safuan ko x kenal..memang naya la ..nanti dia terjah ko br tahu..hahaha

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