>-= WhO Is ThaT =-


“I am your biggest fan…
I’ll follow you until you love me…
Baby there’s no other superstar…
You know that i’ll be your…

– Lady Gaga ~ Paparazzi –

This morning i listened to this song and then it reminds me to one of the story that i read last month
.It is about the history of PAPARAZZI” . As we know that paparazzi will chase all superstar to get their photos(including naked photos haha!).Do you know what is the history of paparazzi or how paparazzi got the name???OK let me tell you :

Once upon a time there was a man called Razzi (actually his full name was Fakhrul Razzi) and he was a photographer.He live with his sister and one of his nephew call Rahman.His nephew called him “papa razzi”.Razzi likes to take picture and everyday he will go outdoor and take pictures.One day while he was taking picture of his neighbor house he didn’t notice that his nephew and sister was looking at him.

Rahman : mama who is the person that takes picture of the house
razzi sister : Cant you see that is “Papa Razzi” darling
Rahman : owh…i didn’t notice that it was “Papa Razzi”

One day his nephew school organize one event & call Razzi to take photo for the event.When Razzi was busy taking pictures then Rahman friend ask…

x : Rahman is that your uncle???
Rahman : Yes…why my friend???
x : what should we call him???
Rahman : at home i use to call him “Papa Razzi”

After that all the kids scream his name…
“Papa Razzi…!!!!”

So after that incident when the kids see all the person that takes picture they will shout “Papa Razzi!!” because they think that it was Rahman’s uncle Papa Razzi…That’s why now every people that takes candid picture were called PAPARAZZI

p/s :
– This story looks like real isn’t it…ahaha…
– AFter this we should know that PAPARAZZI word came from KIDS…ahaha


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5 Responses to >-= WhO Is ThaT =-

  1. Frazi A says:

    >uish,, tu nama ak tu,..haha, sorry nk tnya lg bro, dh brapa kali ko dpt check dr nuf ni..mest nk t'gu lama gile nak capai RM lebih..kkdg tu mana je ad org dtg nk klik iklan..kalu ye pon, da la saki baki yg terklik..betul tk?

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hm…xdela lama…ko buat cam aku…setaip visitor yang datang masuk blog ko…ko suruh diorang klik n then suruh diorang tulis kat shoutbox ko yang diorang dah klik…pastu ko pun kene buat bende yang sama jugak kat blog diorang…barula sama2 untung…

  3. BeaN MorENo says:

    >pastuh cube ko cari satu assaiment yang boleh ko tulis…macam yang aku buat untuk blog4FT ni…pasti berjaya di akademi fantasia….

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