>-= Tweeting =-


Hye again to all bloggers and readers.Actually i am thinking to write something since this morning but i haven’t got any idea to write inside this blog.But after tweeting a lot then the idea came and i decided to write about tweeting in twitters.As we know twitter is also one of the biggest social network that had been used by i think millions of people instead of using Facebook or other social network.So after writing tweets and read other people tweets i learn something new.Do you want to know what…We can also MAKE MONEY with Twitters.How!!!???

Just by using – SPONSORED TWEETS

Actually this service was provided by IZEA(if you’re a blogger then you should know IZEA) that can change tweeting to MONEY!!!but before you can start earning there are some rules that you should know…The Rules are :

– Your Twitter account must be 60 days old

– Have at least 100 followers ( iam struggling towards this…ahaha)

– 100 Status updates

So if you think you got the criteria and also want to earn some money by tweeting just register for free here…It’s FREE!!!

p/s :

– dont forget to follow me on twitter @bean36

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2 Responses to >-= Tweeting =-

  1. Lifesaver says:

    >tak pndai main twitter

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >ahaha…pandai2kan lah diri yek…

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