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(Last Goal From Ngog for Champions League)

As i taught that “The Reds” will not gonna make it to the next stage of Champions League.You want to know WHY???It is all because Benitez doesn’t study his team well.I understand that it’s hard to be a manager but for me if he studied about his player it should have been a problem.We look at Chelsea form nowdays they can go futher and score goals(MANY!!).WHY???Because Ancelloti knows the ability of his player but it is different from Benitez that always want to be a “chemical professor” all the time.Keep on experementing all the players.Suppose he shoud study the player before transfer windows open.The the result is “Out We Go…”
Benitez always think that everygame is a starter but he havent or should i say will not thinking about the suitable formation and the good “pair” for the team.For example he always like to put SKRTEL to play with CARAGGHER.Does it make sence.NO!!!These two guys cant play together.And if they combined together to match will turn up SUCKS!!!I understand that we have many injured player but we still have another player why should we depend on TORRES but we still have KUYT.Why does he likes to use SKRTEL rather than AURELIO or AYALA.than for what you invest money to buy them.
Everytime i analyst “The Reds” game.But it is all the same using 4-4-2 and still keep his faith on SKRTEL come on!!!
So as a Die Hard Fan Of the Anfield i begging Benitez to aware about this situation.We have lost in Champions League and we are also in the mid table of BPL(cant you SEE!!).
Is this what we call Elite team or shouls i say The Best Team!!!NO!!!

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