>-= MoNdaY Vs TuesDay =-


People normally will feel boring on Monday but it is different with me.For this week i feel today is the most boring day because the internet was seem crawling like a snail.I cant do anything as it will disconnectautomatically.

As i can only read mails so i decided to read the mails and deleted what that is not important in my inbox…While i was deleting mails i discovered one mails that send to me from Soren & Cindy (i dont know who they are…sorry).And inside the mail they attached one PDF file named
“Blogging as a sport – Blogger starter kit”

Ok…let me share with all of you about what is the important thing before we can start blogging inside our blog (off course for blogger that blogging for money)

The Important steps that we should do before earning or maybe before we wrote entry are :

– Define Your Niche (niche is equals to subject) –
So before we write anything in our blog it doesn’t matter if it is personal or business blog,It is important for us to think first about the subject that can attract people to reads our entries.

– Choose a Name For Your Blog –
Name is important.WHY???because name determined who we are and what we write.For example if our entries is about fun and excitement then seek a name that can make people happy.
(OoooPs i think i should change my Blog Name…ahahaha)

– Choose Your Blog Component Correctly –
This is including all the header,sidebar,post.An interesting blog will have all these component with a correct order and also in your post you should put picture or maybe video to make people feel the excitement (remember don’t put too many video as it will make your blog slow at the opening).
You can also put widgets in your blog to make it happening and attract readers.And you can find a lot of blog widgets ay widgeo.net.

– Must Hardworking –
If you to be a success blogger you have to be hardworking for example you have to always update your content.WHY???If you always update your post people will always come to your blog to read(for me one post one day is enough).And when you cant update people will wait for your post and check everyday(if only your entries was good).We also have always to read other blogger post then put our link to their blog.WHY???
“When you serve something good to other people they will do the same thing to you”
This is what we call respect each other.

– Promote Your Link –
This is hard for some of us.But we have to do it if we want to success.Go to any
forum or promote you link in social networking such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster
or PeopleString.

– Dont Give Up –
This is the important key.If we give up easily so we may lost our profit.Don’t hesitate
to try anything that can bring you traffic.

p/s :
– For nuffnangers if you want more ads appear in you blog so bare in mind that
you have to search for traffic because they will not send ads to the blog that
have only 1 visitors per day.

– Just sharing together will all of the blogger out there.Hopefully we can make money togther!!!


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Blogger biasa yang menulis ikut suka hati
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2 Responses to >-= MoNdaY Vs TuesDay =-

  1. Lifesaver says:

    >tak pernah wat pon step2 tu..main create je

  2. BeaN MorENo says:

    >hehe..tulah…sama la dengan saya…ni tgh nak arrange balik.lepas saya buat step tuh baru iklan nuffnang masuk byk…then visitor masuk skit…

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