>-= DEM!!! SLoW=-


Hm…Thank god internet is still alive and kicking…(is it???)…
I always thinking that there is another wired internet provider
maybe all the office in Malaysia will change to another on because…
(just think why…)
I am so lucky that my house is using P1 WIMAX and POTONG all the internet wire…

I have to wait about an hour for the connection that seems like a crawling snail to be fixed and i cant do anything.I cant email,i cant blogging,i cant send quotation,and the most important thing is i cant “FB”ing(facebook)…I think everybody’s like me…ahaha…

Just now i got a lot of ideas to write but when the connection got problem all the idea blew away…So hopefully the internet will get well soon(ahaha)…I need to use it for completing my task.

p/s :
– If you can read this blog…FYI i have tried to post it for 5 times already and that’s mean it was published on the 6 times…ahahaha(isn’t it slow!!!)


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