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>-= WoKe uP AfTer HeaVy RaIn =-

> Hm…it’s hard for me to accept when The KOP havent got any win since last 8 games(DEM!!!) but yesterday The KOP finally got their first win and bring back 3 points from Goodison Park…Finally Liverpool FC woke up.!!!Yeay!!! See … Continue reading

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>-= Bye2…Pulang HomeTown!!! =-

> Hye all bloggers and readers.Happy Raya Haji…Actually this is just short entry to inform all of you that i’ll be not writing any articles or entry for about three days.(ya lo cuti ma!!!).It is because i have to go … Continue reading

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>-= SoCiaLiZe & EaRn MonEy =-

> Hye “Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha” to all Muslim.As i write this article i am alone in my house celebratingThe Haj Eid because my wife is currently working and sacrifice her time to work.All i can do is just accept … Continue reading

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>-= LinKWorTh =-

> It’s almost 1 o’clock but still havent took my lunch yet.Dont know what to eat for lunch abd still thinking.Tomorrow is another celebration day in Islam or should i say for Muslim called “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”.And the important thing … Continue reading

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>-= ThANk GoD You SaVe Me =-

> Alhamdulillah raya hajipun nak dekat dah.Hari ni pagi2 ada something yang buat saya sedih.Sebab apa???Sebab saya dihina oleh seseorang.Even saya xtunjuk yang saya sedih tapi it’s hard for me to accept when people insult me because actually i never … Continue reading

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>-= My TaUgHt & TalK BeCome ReAL =-

> (Last Goal From Ngog for Champions League) As i taught that “The Reds” will not gonna make it to the next stage of Champions League.You want to know WHY???It is all because Benitez doesn’t study his team well.I understand … Continue reading

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>-= Hey Ho Lets Go =-

> Sekali dengar macam lagu the ramones kan.Memangla ni tajuk lagu The Ramonespun.Mesti korang2 pelik kan dah byk entri yang saya tulis semua in English kan.Macam yang pernah saya cakap la saya terpaksa men”Johny English”kan blog ni untuk tarik visitor.So … Continue reading

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